At Mattison Reynolds, you get the benefit of 37+ years of architectural design and creativity. Beit a luxury custom residence or a signature speculative home, David approaches the architectural style, floorplan and functionality with the confidence of his years of design build experience.

  • Architectural style
    Mattison Reynolds stands alone when it comes to architectural style. Style is and has been a keystone for this company. In the beginning, it was the palatial features of the grand plantations of Louisiana and Mississippi, later came the richness of the Dallas influences and then the under-stated creole style with reclaimed beams and sweeping verandas. Nowadays, David’s style is the sum of all of these influences. Mixed with the vernacular here, that one could call Fredericksburg, farm house or just Hill Country, all of the past influences appear in each of Mattison Reynolds homes. We strive to underscore each new home with a look and feel that is purely unique and fabulously styled.
  • Floorplan
    When working with us to create your unique floorplan, you will benefit from our proven attention to functionality as well as flow to create a smart plan that has adopted your own style and purpose. We attempt to fashion a plan that blends the current pulse of the market with versatility and sustainability. This is the “homework” that yields a great home.
  • Interior Design
    The final crowning jewel of a Mattison Reynolds home is the interior detail. From our custom trim designs, cabinetry and reclaimed timbers to the softer elements such as the repurposing of old European doors and shutters, we approach each new build with the respect of knowing that it’s this aspect in which a house becomes your home. 30 years devoted to acquiring antiques, rummaging for specific items, choosing accents and designing interior schemes makes Blanche Mattison Reynolds a master of the art of appointing and styling fine living spaces.      

Mattison Reynolds uses the most current green building practices and each of our homes comes backed by a solid warranty program.